Discipleship, at its heart, is about freely receiving from Jesus and being formed into his followers. From the continued cultivation of Sunday night encounters we have been able to cast out into the week to create meaningful spaces for our community to gather, learn, share, and experience God together. The strength of our discipleship presence is found in the incredible diversity uncovered and celebrated when the body recognizes itself as inherently unified under Christ.

As we look to this next season, our desire is to establish opportunities that root us in relational strength as God’s family, while also providing  focus on particular aspects of the christian journey that spur us to growth. In addition, we are planning some retreats and larger group discussion forums. For more information, email smallgroups@citybeautiful.ch.


How He Loves

A men’s discipleship initiative, pursuing the heart of Christ and his likeness.

6pm | Lake Ivanhoe

Mark Jackson |   

Ladies: Real Talk

A place to make friendships and dig into the Bible in an authentic and open way.

7pm | Eola Heights

Jennifer Jackson |   



As we learn see as God sees we will love people the way God designed them to be loved. By intentionally choosing into our own giftings, calling, and purposes to work together cohesively we will slowly be partnering with God to entwine heaven and earth together.

7pm | Lake Ivanhoe

Marc Vander Vennett |   

Home Church

A family-oriented space for sharing a meal, studying scripture, and sharing life with one another.

7pm | South Downtown

John and Becky Thomton |   

First and Third Wednesdays

This bi-monthly gathering provides you with practical tools to live your purpose through your work, equips you to learn to hear what the Lord is saying and engage with what He sees as you interact with other people, and provides encouragement in the process of living it all out.

7am | Lake Ivanhoe

Jessica Bott |   


The Enneagram Journey

Using the ancient wisdom of the enneagram personality system and inner healing prayer, you will discover how you are wired so you can invite God’s redemption into your story and love others well.

7pm | Lake Ivanhoe

Ryan Adams |   

Uninvited: Living Loved When You Feel Less Than, Left Out, and Lonely

This six-session bible study will help women lean in to honestly examine the roots of rejection, as well as rejection's ability to poison relationships from the inside out, including our relationship with God.

7pm | Conway

Jennifer NeSmith |   


Contemplative and Intercessory Prayer

Learning to center ourselves with the psalms in order to hear the Lord's voice, we spend time praying for one another, the church, and the world.

9:30am | Lake Eola

Ryan Adams |   

First Friday of every month

Emotional and relational wellness; seeking healing, restoration and activation through the presence and increasing reality of Father’s love.

7 PM | Metro West

Shannon Smith |   


First Saturday of every month

A gathering for creatives learning to use their gifts to the glory of God.

7 PM | Eola Heights

Garrett Callahan |   


A Family of Prayer
First and Third Sundays

We will learn to seek God and intercede for others together as we grow in His presence and experience His Glory through the power of prayer.

2PM | Lake Ivanhoe

Steph Flores |   

Beloved Relational Ministry

The heart of Beloved is to cultivate and champion relational health and harmony between the men and women of City Beautiful Church.  By facilitating conversations and fostering environments where our community can explore and adopt Kingdom perspectives, our hope is to encourage relational and emotional inner healing. We meet monthly to continue ongoing conversations on inner healing and forward steps, as well as have periodic weekend retreats for more in-depth and extensive self-reflection and healing focus. Always, our goal is to encounter Abba and to be left changed, more whole, and motivated in our forward movement.

Beloved is about emotional and relational wellness, seeking healing, restoration and activation through the presence and increasing reality of Father’s love. This ministry is not just for singles or just married couples, but for everyone – every man and every woman. No matter what season you find yourselves in, there is much to learn about engaging each other from a place of compassion and honor and understanding. Our heart is to see all of you come out and dig deep with us as we, together, ask big questions and dive into Father’s heart for each of us.

Monthly Meetings: The first Friday of every month.


 uncharted creative ministry

UNCHARTED is an invitation into the creative heart of God. As artists we will embark on a journey into the undiscovered areas of our calling, gifting, and place in God’s story. Together we will facilitate spiritual rhythms that lead to intimacy with God, empowering us to create prophetically. We desire to develop the artist holistically (craft, soul, and spirit) to help discover our identity and live bravely by building healthy creative relationships to steward our gifting and calling with excellence and discover new ways of expression. 

Monthly Meetings: The first Saturday of  every month.