The Benevolence Fund is a designated amount within the General Giving fund, specifically established to meet basic needs, further defined in the Benevolence Policy. Please read this policy prior to submitting your form. Be advised that this process may require additional follow up and potentially difficult questions in order for consideration.

If you are submitting this request on behalf of someone else, write your name below and complete the rest of the document with the recipient’s information:

Application Completed By:

Recipient's Information:

*As a follow up, you may be requested to provide us with additional details showing your present income (including assets owned) and expenses.

Please do not expect immediate financial assistance. At no point in this process do we promise or guarantee assistance will be provided. We can only assist with short-term or emergency needs. It is very likely we will not provide long-term or repeated assistance. We cannot assist in loan payments, taxes, legal expenses or any expense that is not an objectively verified need. No cash will ever be given. We are required to keep record of applications and submitted documents for documentation sake.