Orlando Strong Update

Following the Pulse Night Club shooting we got connected to one of the victims. He left the hospital about a week after the shooting and has been recovering from gunshot wounds to his foot and hip. During his hospital stay we were able to bring bags full of supplies to minister to his family while waiting through surgeries and healing. We also learned there were six other victims on that floor that we were able to deliver handmade blankets and supplies to as they also waited for family to heal. Due to the Lord’s provision and the wonderful hospital staff, we had the opportunity to pray and be a presence in the hospital.  After he was discharged we, as a church family, brought meals twice a week for five weeks. In addition to meals, we have had hundreds of dollars in gift cards come in from not only people in our community but those from different states who just wanted to support. We were able to bless them with those contributions. During those five weeks we have been able to build a wonderful relationship with his entire family, learn the story of how they fled horrible conditions in Venezuela to live and provide for their family here, and how it has been for them the last two years in Orlando.

We have been blessed with getting to know them and help communicate with landlords, in making bill payments, and communicating medical information on behalf of the family for them. We learned that the OneOrlando campaign will not start distributing funds until October and funds are released based on time spent in the hospital, It is completely unknown how much help they will receive. Our friend worked at Pulse and hasn’t been able to work and support his family, so our church family was able to pay for their rent for August. This simple task of providing meals has opened the doors to building real, lasting relationships and share the resources we have been blessed with. Our friend is healing well, now walking with limited assistance, but it is a long road to emotional recovery and we as a community can continue to pray for him and for other ways we can be used. At the end of the five weeks of meals, we all went out to eat and celebrate life at the local Venezuelan restaurant and we wanted to share the beauty with you. The first two pictures are of some bags we were able to put together with blankets and supplies and the last is all of us at the restaurant.