Making a House a Home

Chores. Did that word just make you cringe a little? We all had to do them – wash dishes, clean the toilet, make our bed. It’s a staple component of growing up and often completed begrudgingly or with bribery from our parents. Regardless of how we felt about them, chores were necessary. They were an investment in the place you call home and with the people you call family.

As we enter into a new season with Praxis and view our new home on the horizon, we have some chores to do. The best part though, is that these chores don’t have to be done begrudgingly. You get to choose into how you invest in our community by stepping into the unique giftings God has created you to fulfill. You can explore new territory and delve deeper into kingdom living by joining a small group, contributing to our ministry teams, and attending the events City Beautiful Church hosts. If you decide not to explore ways to serve in and outside our community, you won’t get grounded, but you just might miss out on being a part of the beautiful manifestation of God’s heaven here on earth.

You are safe to take risks. You are free to be bold. You are home.

– Peyton Jeter