Bountiful Grace

We need grace. Bountiful grace. For and towards one another. We stand on Christ’s delivered promise of bountiful grace as he sacrificed and died upon the cross to reconcile our sinful selves to our Father. The promise of His coming held fast and grace delivered and so we stand upon an unfulfilled promise today with assured hope of His bountiful grace in His return to once again reconcile this earth to its intended glory. This inexhaustible favor Christ showed and indwelled within us through His Spirit is meant to overflow as we demonstrate His glory to the world.

This season can distract us from the true expectation, which is remembering God’s fulfilled promise of a Messiah for all His people. Through His grace we are saved, and through His grace we should live. As we travel, show grace. As we come together with family, show grace. As we commune with our church family, show grace. As we have the opportunity to, show grace. It will be out of the fullness of Christ we are able to do so. And so, this season, remember the sweet child, born to a virgin in a manger, showing the bountiful grace of God as demonstration of fulfilled promise, who would grow up to show bountiful grace as living sacrifice for redemption.

– Peyton Jeter