Serve Within

We seek to build one another up in works of service to the unified Body of Christ. As each of us contribute our time, gifts, and resources to the well-being of the community, we grow together in our understanding of who God is and who He has created us to be. Within the church we have many opportunities for serving one another at all levels of involvement, from the creative arts to children, discipleship to hospitality. We foster an environment of dedication by pursuing relational strength above running programs, and we would encourage you to prayerfully step into new territory for service as you feel the Lord leading.


The Operations team aims to help fulfill the vision of our church and the vision of other teams. We are a team that uses our spiritual gifts to create a sense of home for our family. We focus on creating places of peace and freedom for our family to be welcomed into in three specific ways:

Our setup and tear down teams prepare the building to receive everyone into worship, not just physically but spiritually. As we arrange the space for our gatherings, we usher in God’s presence through intercessory prayer.

The Experience team designs and builds compelling opportunities for us all to encounter God in new and creative ways. Our team is always on the lookout for people passionate about problem-solving and working with their hands to worship the Lord.

Café and Greeting are the first faces you meet when coming to City Beautiful Church. We endeavor to make sure you are seen and cared for from the moment you enter the building. If you are particularly gifted in hospitality, this is the perfect place for you to contribute.

We are looking for people that want to help us help others. This will mainly be on Sundays but there will also be opportunities throughout the week. We are looking for both creative and task-driven people to help us create a well-balanced team equipped to serve our family. If you are interested in serving with Ops, email Marcos at


The mission of the Tech team is to facilitate, enhance and remove obstacles to people worshiping God and connecting with each other during our Sunday gatherings. Whenever you gather a group of people together, it takes effort, expertise and equipment to create an environment in which they can hear the preaching of God’s word, worship through singing and giving, and connect with each other. Can people see? Can they hear? Do they know the words to the songs?

The tech team uses skills in audio, lighting and projecting information onto the screen to facilitate an experience where people can focus in on the purpose they came for and remove obstacles that might prevent them from entering into worship and hearing from God’s word. We enhance that experience with light, sound and the flow of the service to help our worship leaders, announcement givers and teachers lead City Beautiful Church to the throne.

We desire to build a thriving team of skilled people to carry out the various roles necessary to make a Worship Service run smoothly. We want this team to be a place of grace and truth, where we truly enjoy serving together using the various talents and skills we have been given. We need people with a basic skill levels in lighting, pro-presenter, audio engineering and producing. If you have skill and experience, we would love to connect with you! If you have a desire and aptitude to learn these skills, let us know. If you are interested in serving with tech, email Stacie at


The Engagement team exists to increase the invitation to the conversation by helping people make connections that lead to life giving relationships. There is so much life and healthy relationship possible within City Beautiful Church. Our heart is to see every person fulfilled and feeling a sense of home.

We do this by providing several opportunities through the month as well as weekly opportunities to engage with people. In addition, the honoring team continues to honor members of our community by recognizing significant life events as well as having fun blessing people at random. We also plan events throughout the year to bring us together as a family, and we value people who love to dream up these opportunities.

If you are someone who is passionate in helping others take a step into community and service, this is the team for you. Contact Marcos at


The Content team exists to care for creative communicators and platform them to develop engaging content to keep our community connected. This happens primarily through our online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, our podcasts, and website. As a team, we seek to honor and curate the milestones, events, and stories happening within our community and city in order to encourage one another in the fullness Christ has for them.

As we move into the season ahead, our hope is to grow relationally as a team while discovering deeper ways to care for our creative communicators. If you like to tell stories or share the life events of people in your life, we would love to have you. If you’re interested in serving on the Content Team, email Alex at