Serve Beyond

We are called to be a light unto the world. Our church finds itself in downtown Orlando as a call from God to affect the culture around us for His glory and to reflect His heart to His children. As the call invites us to be a faithful presence in our neighborhoods and families here, it also draws us unto the world platform. We believe as we step out into the world at all levels we come to a deeper understanding of who He has created us to be; therefore, we also endeavor to educate the community at large on the value and necessity of outreach.

In tangent with a vision to see individuals grow in their awareness and application of the spiritual gifts we want to make concerted effort to see the Kingdom advance where God has placed us. We are focusing  on a handful of opportunities within Orlando as expressions of our heart for this city. We are also gathering people who are passionate about educating the greater church body in how to engage the world in healthy, sustainable, Spirit-led ways.


The Human Experience has made a change. After much prayer and consideration, we have transitioned from a school into a mentoring program for the 32 students that were previously part of The Human Experience. This year, Nathan is teaching at Legends Charter Academy and the students are in several different schools in the Orlando area. Because of this, twice a month we are bringing everyone together for some fun, bonding time and real talk with Nathan.

What does this mean for volunteering? Glad you asked! We are looking for volunteers to come and be intentional with the students. We want people who are going to boldly and actively talk with and get to know the students as well as play and have fun with them. We love you all and want you involved; this position is for people with big hearts, who aren’t afraid to get in there and be present.

Words cannot express what the gift of your time and presence communicates to these students. Please consider partnering with us this year. Email to sign up!


Over the past year we have been blessed by a partnership with the Central Care Mission, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center for men that puts emphasis on right relationship with God and the healing touch of Jesus as the center of recovery. This unique program welcomes men of all ages for up to two years, many of whom have landed on the streets of downtown Orlando in their addictions. The ministry encourages hard work and responsibility while also offering a nurturing environment for spiritual, emotional, and physical growth.

Not only have many of the men become regular attendees of our gatherings and special events, but we have been able to be a consistent presence on their campus. Passionate and mature men of our community are encouraged to participate in a mentor’s night on the third Monday of every month to share and encourage the clients to continue to pursue health. We are also in ongoing discussion about special events, such as prayer retreats and social outings that remind the men they are not alone.

If you would like to know more about Central Care Mission, click here. Those of you who are interested in volunteering on mentor nights should email Local/Global at


We have established our first global partnership with a local church in Lima, Peru called El Viñedo, or “the Vineyard”. For years, this small community of passionate Jesus followers has been a shining light in one of the poorest areas of one of the largest cities in South America. In a religious culture guided by fear and legalism at the expense of the gospel of radical grace, El Viñedo offers a picture of Jesus that is a healing balm to old wounds for the Peruvian people.

Our vision casting trip gave rise to many opportunities for us to build long-term partnership with our brothers and sisters in Lima, in empowering them to impact their neighborhood for the Kingdom of God. While the specifics of each trip we take may vary, some discipleship-focused while others will be evangelistic, we are at the core seeking to encourage them in the day-to-day journey of being Jesus’ hands and feet.

If you would like to know more about our global partnership, please email