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We’re all journeying through life as individuals in relationship with God. But we know that journey isn’t meant to only be a personal experience. Church is a communal expression of the movement of God. Gathering on Sundays isn’t just an exercise in discipline or habit. It’s an intentional decision we each make to gather with other believers.

So what are Sunday Worship Gatherings all about? First, it’s to celebrate God.

We celebrate through singing. Our times of worship through music are such a powerful time together to bring our attention, collectively, to God: who He is and what He’s doing.

We celebrate through giving. Giving is a celebration of what God has entrusted to us and a willing act of supporting the work He is accomplishing through the ministry of City Beautiful Church.

We celebrate through communion. Most weeks, you’ll find communion available during our worship gatherings. Sometimes we provide a space in the gathering for everyone to participate. Sometimes, it’s served, and we take it together. But always, it’s a celebration of what Jesus has done on our behalf.

Our worship gatherings are also an opportunity for encouragement. You’ll often
hear members of our community share stories of what God is doing in and through their lives. Testimony is a powerful tool in helping encourage and challenge us in our belief of what’s possible as children of God.

Third, our gatherings are an opportunity for discovery. In our times of teaching, it’s our hope that we unwrap the pages of the Bible and discover the heart and character of God. As we explore the depths of God together, we come to a new understanding of how He has moved in the past and what He may be up to today. These times of exploration are essential to our forward movement in life as individuals and as a community. We have a constant expectation that God is ready to reveal more of who He is and what He has for each of us.

And lastly, action. You’ll notice components in each of our worship gatherings specifically designed to prompt us into action. Whether that is a creative experience, a moment of reflection, or space for conversation. All of the other components of our worship gatherings are missing something if they don’t lead us to live and love more like Jesus.

So make space in your life to join together with the rest of the people of City Beautiful Church as we celebrate God and join Him in what He’s doing.

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